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    As rapresentative for digital book printing solutions, Easydot provides consultancy, machine sales and OEM parts.


    Easydot, as the European representative for Timsons LTD, offers OEM spare parts, maintenance, official technical and purchase support, installation and after-sale services for new and second hand rotary presses.

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    PRESS SERVICES - Products and integrated solutions

    Easydot stands out for its ability to offer effective solutions for optimising printing systems and high quality support services over the Europe. We offer maintenance for motors, electronic boards, HMIs, sensors, and more, including any brand of touch screen monitors.

    We follow the “no cure no pay” formula: if your component is not repairable, you will not be charged anything, except a small contribution for the shipping costs.

    If the items can be repaired, we will send you a quote, which you can accept or decline. If you prefer not to proceed, we will simply return them. We also provide an express service, ensuring that the reparation is performed immediately upon receipt and completed within 24 hours, if all necessary components are in stock. We work 24/7 on urgent repairs.

    Requires a high quality service.
    MAURIZIO SANZONE, Amministratore Delegato Easydot


    • Mechanical relocation
    • Commissioning
    • Process optimisation
    • Personal printing instruction
    • Sale and installation of offset and digital book printing machinery
    • Integration of highly automated systems for digital printing and packaging
    • Trade in second-hand machinery
    • Technical assistance and sale of OEM spare parts
    • Technical assistance and sale of OEM spare parts
    • Mechanical and electrical retrofits/upgrades
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