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    Supply of used machinery

    We supply any type and brand of used machinery, although we specialize in Timsons machinery.

    If you are looking for machinery for printing books, we will search worldwide to find the machinery that best suits your needs, including products with special characteristics as Bibles. Tell us the formats of the books you are interested  to produce, and we will offer you the right machinery!

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    The T14 is the machine Timsons has developed for four-colour printing. All of Timsons’ knowledge and experience in the production of books in one and two colors has been applied to the T14, which allows printers to take advantage of the proven advantages of web printing in the short-run colour book market, offering a cost-effective solution when compared to sheetfed printing.


    The Timsons Zero Make-Ready is the flagship of the Timsons line of book presses, and is highly requested. It features a perfect two-tone register through a double printing unit. It is also available in the T48A ZMR² , with double reel configuration. ZMR’s twin printing units guarantee true “Zero Make-Ready” printing for monochrome jobs, with minimal paper waste and no loss of production time.

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    Timsons T48 are 48 or 64-page monochrome machines, and are equivalent to one of the printing units installed on a ZMR. Therefore a T48 can be upgraded to a Zero-Make-Ready machine through the addition of a second printing. Without the upgrade, it has a start-up time of 3 minutes, making it the perfect initial investment. As business grows, the machine can be transformed into a ZMR to accomodate higher production needs.


    This is the original printing machine designed specifically for the production of high-foliation books and products with special paper requirements, as Bibles. As its name suggests, the original T32 was a 32-page press, but later models offer 48 and 64 pages and 2 colours printing.

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