VITS International is the world’s leading supplier of variable-format cutting and finishing to the
    traditional and digital printing, packaging and converting industries.
    VITS offers cutting-edge technology, efficiency, top-of-the-range performance and reliability.

    Welcome to Vits International

    The world leader in coatings systems

    VITS International was founded in Blauvelt, in the state of New York in the early 80s. At the beginning VITS focused their business exclusively on variable-format cutting systems for pre-printed reels, but quickly extended its focus, to the current leading position in the world for the supply of complete production lines, based on advanced and innovative technologies for variable format cutting and finishing, both for traditional and digital printing, packaging and converting.

    Besides several versions of the Multicut systems for sheet-fed output of pre-printed reels – with variable and repeatable cutting, in line or offline, even with the possibility of cutting only a portion of the printout – VITS supports many other systems: high efficiency unwinders suitable for any printing process and automatic reels change that guarantee continuous production thanks to a special function to recognize the beginning of printing.

    Jogging and stacking systems and systems for cutting, overturning and overlapping ribbons which allow to expand the range of reproducible finished products; cone and divert bar folding machines that fold paper in line to create multi-page products and punching machines for unique shapes, die-cut windows and “kiss” cutting for the production of adhesive labels.

    The VITS range still includes programmable gluing systems for special applications, water dispersion glue and glue for envelopes and complete lines for direct mail production, of book blocks to be sent directly to a paperback or a stapler or to be palletized while waiting for bindery, subsequent and metal stitching, suitable for any type of existing metal stitching, which allow to create from pre-printed reels products with variable or fixed number of pages.

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    SPRINT Variable Data Finishing System

    The VITS SPRINT line of variable data finishing systems is the latest innovation for high speed digital press engines. Exclusive features such as patented “cam-profiling” drive technology and patented “Clear Channel” register control provide unmatched accuracy with pressroom style performance. Engineered for inline or offline applications for all variable data presses. Supported by three separate solutions for stacking & batching.

    Multicut Variable Servo Sheeters

    The VITS Multicut line of variable servo sheeters offers the most technologically advanced finishing capability for today’s digital, offset, gravure and flexographic printing, packaging and converting operations. Whether it’s an offline or inline application, the Multicut Variable Servo Sheeter can get the job done. The line is composed of four different series that cover literally every type of substrate.

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    SPRINT Variable Data Rotary Cutter

    The VITS SPRINT variable data rotary cutter represents the state of the art of the latest technology designed exclusively for the digital press market. So advanced, that cam profile drive technology is patented. Developed to accommodate speed changes, it also allows the cutting length to be changed without interruption and to vary the size of any “chip” “on demand” by simply pressing a button.

    SPRINT Variable Imaging Stacker Batcher

    SPRINT variable format stacker is designed for counting, collecting, balancing and batch formation, enabling continuous production at full speed. The integrated HD vision system allows product pre-selection and verification of collected batches. A unit can be used to sign lots from a single flow or from a multiple flow with some simple and quick solutions.

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    SPRINT Constant Tension Infeed

    SPRINT VITS constant voltage infeed is designed to work in synergy with today’s digital and traditional presses. It is designed to provide a very precise web tension control, the deviation remains within 0.000001% of the reference data. The infeed has integrated voltage monitoring, touch screen control and interface with servomotors with Sercos III communication protocol.

    Geometric Former Module

    The VITS line or geometric folding modules provide high speed, high quality web folding. Webs float on a cushion of air between servo driven infeed and exit draw rolls allow folds as small as 1”. These systems are perfect for producing folded covers, gate folded flyers or customized packaging or converted products to meet your market needs. Motorized sidelay control and driven draw rolls are all standard. Whether it’s a simple gate fold or complex slitting, ribbon shifting and folding, VITS has the right solution.

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    Automatic Zero-Speed Splicer

    VITS DS Zero-Speed Splicer is used by many of today’s inkjet press manufacturers as well as integrated with VITS offline finishing systems. It allows printers to maintain optimum press performance. Loaded with innovative components, this compact splicer makes reel preparation, continuous web flow, and consistent operation a simple process.

    Web Folding and Angle Bars

    VITS manufactures a multitude of different bending systems for use with a press, sheetfed output, inline trim and/or digital finishing line. These systems are perfect for producing folding covers, flyers or custom products to meet your market needs. Motorized angle bars, web compensation and motorized pinch rollers are standard equipment. Whether it’s a simple delta fold or a complex ribbon cutting, moving and bending, VITS has the right solution.

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