PHS is an independent provider of services for the most renowned printing press manufacturers.
    Thanks to the partnership with Easydot, a wide range of spare parts and service activities are offered,
    ranging from pre-press to post-press support.

    PHS: Service for the print industry

    The cooperation between Easydot and PHS creates a powerful synergy

    PrintHouseService GmbH (PHS) has been founded at the beginning of 2012, and is based in Würzburg. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA), but operates independently. The company has three main locations: Augsburg, Plauen and Würzburg.

    Their technicians are experienced and highly qualified specialists. Offered services go from pre-printing to after-printing and include a wide range of assistance activities for many models and are carried out independently from printing machinery manufacturers.

    As the Italian representative of PHS, a member of the KBA Group, Easydot has access to the full range of resources of the world’s second largest press manufacturer. This cooperation ensures synergy between companies and departments (e.g. sales, engineering, logistics, purchasing, etc.).

    Through PHS, Easydot offers competent and comprehensive services at market prices.

    Great technical competence, company structure and available resources (thanks to the synergy with PHS) make Easydot a real alternative to the manufacturers of printing machines and related accessories. The service is primarily targeted at owners of MAN Roland web presses and related accessories, including service and spare parts for the following brands: MAN Roland, Megtec, Contiweb, Baldwin, Planatol, Robatech, Technotrans, ABB, Baumüller, Bek, Cofely, CTI, Dustcontrol, EAE, Eberth, Eckelmann, Elettra, Eltosch, E+L, Ferag, Gämmerler, Geda, Grafikontrol, Graphometronik, Joloda, Krause, Kuka, Lincoln, M-Log, ManRoland Bogen, Nela, Quadtech, Tolerans, U-Veritas, Vits, Weko, Y88, PIV.

    In addition to inspections, basic adjustments and replacement of worn out parts, Easydot and PHS carry out complete overhauls and complex projects such as upgrades, updates, extensions and retrofits, which until now were only available from the manufacturers. These activities are provided at a fraction of the price typically required by manufacturers. We use products which can be purchased on the market and always offer remote assistance service as an optional contract.

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    The services portfolio

    Inspections, replacement of spare parts, repairs, overhauls

    Supply of mechanical and electrical spare parts, production of complete impression cylinders, cylinder surface repair, replacement of contact rings on impression cylinders (bearers)

    Service support for software and hardware, electronics and control systems including drives, motors and troubleshooting

    The services portfolio

    Machinery rooms, commissioning, upgrades, training courses and seminars

    Basic maintenance, specialist maintenance and repair, technical monitoring of production

    easy dot phs servizi
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